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Top 10 Tips for Renting Villas in Hyderabad

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Top 10 Tips for Renting Villas in Hyderabad

Top 10 Tips for Renting Villas in Hyderabad

by Villas Hyderabad |November 3, 2019 | Villas

10 Important tips for Renting  Villas in Hyderabad

To avoid disappointment on arrival at your rented or leased villas, here are a few pointers. There are a few insights compiled here that will help you to select the right villa for you and your travel companions as per your requirements. As we all know that preparation is the best way to avoid regret. So here are 10 things that will surely help you refine your choices and select the best villa to rent. 

  1. Know the main terms related with rented villas: There are a few key terms like rental price and amenities provided that you need to be aware of in order to select the right villa. In general amenities like AC, Free WiFi, luxurious mattresses and proper toiletry kits are amenities that you should expect at all rented villas. 
  2. Specify your requirements: Mostly owners look towards good reviews and are clear with their property details and rental agreements. However, to make sure that there aren’t any hidden costs or other problems you can specify terms such as whether you want a separate building that is not shared by other buildings or tenants or if you want something with an attached pool. This helps to eliminate hidden costs and select the right villa for you. 
  3. Know your neighbours: If you value your privacy and would like a space where interference is minimum then you should make an effort to know your neighbours and specifically inform your owner about the importance of being undisturbed. In this case, do not let the terms like “independent villa” fool you. 
  4. Select an emergency contact: During your travels, you may need to contact a local person for any emergency such as medical problems. It is really important that you find that go to person or ask your rental contact to arrange one for you. 
  5. Try to bargain for extra services: You may need to bargain to get some extra services such as cooking or laundry which are almost never included in the rental package that you take. However, some owners are open to bargaining for these services or providing you with an all-inclusive package. 
  6. Verify the recommendations of the villa you’re about to rent: It is very important to make sure that your selected villa has good reviews and recommendations for its services and past visits. You can select any 3 of the best recommendations and verify it with the guests who have visited the villas in the past. 
  7. Verify all costs: Outline all the detailed functions and amenities included in your package along with the exact cost for each to avoid unwanted hidden costs and misunderstandings. For all-inclusive packages offered for rentals this is very essential. 
  8. Look for the best deal: undoubtedly we all want the best deal for the most affordable price, one of the best way to do this is through online agents or platforms which provide you inclusive packages at great discounts along with major benefits like chauffeurs or taxi service or cleaning and cooking services. 
  9. Avoid booking directly with owners or offline agents: Ever heard stories about horrific travel arrivals where people found that there isn’t any villa at all or the ‘villa’ is actually an flat in a crowded neighbourhood? These stories are all too real and you should book with trusted sources to about the panic and hassle that these situations represent. 
  10. Do an inventory of all the items in the villa and their condition to make sure that you have proof of proper treatment at the villa. Sometimes, guests are mistreated and asked for money to repair an item that they didn’t encounter or deal with. 


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